How Much is a Stolen Credit Card Worth?

Back in 2008, Jacob Leibenluft of Slate did a story about how credit card numbers were for sale in “data supermarkets” online. You might find it surprising but credit card numbers aren’t worth very much. Symantec reported in 2008 that the cost ranges from 40 cents to $20, with the higher values going to European or smaller card companies because they’re harder to find. Bank account numbers go for a little more, $10 to as much as $1,000.

It’s amazing how little stolen credit card information is worth but it’s a sign that fraud protections in the United States are very strong. Kaspersky Lab analysts found a price listing, back in 2009, which listed US Visa cards were worth only $2, whereas German credit cards were valued at $6. (link)

Amazing right?

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