30-Day ID Protection 30 Day Trial Review

I’ve never heard of ProtectMyID before, however after some quick research online, they seem to be an up and comer in the Identity Theft Protection world.  I decided to give them a once over and sign-up for their 30-day ID Protection free trial but I also had to sign-up for a $1 credit report in the process.  An inconvenience but a small price to pay for a full 30-day free trial.

Signing up is as simple as the rest I suppose.  You enter your personal information, credit card information, then answer a couple of questions about your identity.  As long as everything checks out, you’re through to the dashboard however if you’ve mistyped anything, you may be asked to call in and answer a few more questions.

Experian is the credit bureau that provides your ID protection and credit report and after logging in, you fall on a packed landing page, including the following for ID Theft Protection:

You can see that some services are provided, some are discounted if you buy them, and one is simply not included in your 30 day trial.

The most attractive item on this list is the $1 Million Product Guarantee, which has a large number of rules and restrictions that need to be followed, including placing a credit freeze when you realize your ID has been stolen.  Unlike LifeLock, the ProtectMyID guarantee is paid out if you follow the rules and incur any expenses after your identity has been stolen, up to $1 million.  If for nothing other than piece of mind, this service is already way ahead of the game.

Other standard identity theft protection services apply, like adding the items in your wallet and providing bank account information.  These are done to alert you when any changes occur on your accounts.  An added protection is the Lost Wallet feature, which allows you to cancel all of your accounts with the click of a button, but only if you have previously registered them.

In terms of credit providing a $1 credit report, you are provided it from Experian and it does NOT come with a credit score.  You are more than welcome to purchase your credit score but this 30 day trial does not include it.  The credit report you receive is as detailed as any other, providing contact information for all of your creditors, up to the minute status on your accounts and a lot more.

When looking at the overall service provided my, the identity theft protection is top notch.  Add in a $1 million guarantee and a monthly fee of $9.95 (after the 30-day trial) and it sports the best of both among it’s closest competitors.  In terms of credit monitoring, there are some better programs out there and leaves a lot to be desired.

If you’re looking for help in protecting your good name, sign-up for and their 30-day trial offer.  You will have to pay $1 but you will receive a credit report in the process.

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